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Compact Four-way Cassette

Various Selections

Three selections: Compact Four-way Cassette, Four-way Cassette& Four-way Cassete Silent Type.

Flexible Air Distribution Type

7 discharge patterns in 2 to 4 directions can be selected to suit the requirements of the installation site or the shape of the room.

Compact Design, Easy Installation

For compact Four-way Cassette: Extremely compact casing suits any room’s décor and requires little space for installation on a low ceiling. Due to compact body and light weight, all models can be installed without a hoist.

360 Degree Airflow Outlet

For Compact Four-way Cassette: 360 degree air outlet provides strong air flow circulation to cool or heat every corner of a room and evenly control temperatures.

Sub Duct

Sub duct enables you to use the same air conditioner unit to cool and additional smaller space nearby.

Fresh Air Intake

Fresh air can enter through the cassette unit so you can enjoy even fresher air in a room.

Easy Troubleshooting

For Four-way Cassette & Four-way Cassette Silent Type: By adding digital tube on the display board, error codes can be displayed directly for troubleshooting.

Lower Operating Noise

For Four -way Cassette Silent Type: The Newly Designed fan blade, air deflector and the built-in throttling part reduce noise greatly.

High-lift Drain Pump

For Compact Four-way Cassette: Drain pump with a 500mm pump head is fitted as standard; maximum 600mm pump head is available. For Four-way Cassette & Four-way Cassette Silent Type: Drain pump can pump condenser water up to 750mm high, which simplifies installation of the frain piping system.



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Product Description

  • Width 647 mm
  • Depth 647 mm
  • Height 50 mm
  • Net Weight 2.5/4.5 kg
  • Capacity, cooling 1.5kW,heating 1.7kW
  • Power input, cooling 36w, heating 36w
  • Airflow rate(H/M/L):435/283/208m3/h
  • Sound pressure level(H/M/L): 34.9/32.5/22.5 dB(A)
  • Sound power level(H/M/L): 45.9/44/35.5 dB(A)


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