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Convenient Installation

The slim and sleek structure design ensures easy installation. It can be installed into a corner of the ceiling even if the ceiling is very narrow



Auto Swing and Wide Angle Air Flow

Two direction auto swing-vertical and horizontal. The range of horizontal air discharge is widened which secures wider air flow distribution to provide more comfortable air circulation no matter where the unit is set up. Three air flow speeds: low, media and high; double air guides.

More Comfortable

Adopts electrical expansion valve, ensuring precise flow control, lower modulation noise when EXV is operating. Low noise operations; minimum 36dB(A). Smoother airflow and less turbulence due to the multi-blade fan and the air guide design.






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Product Description

  • Width 352 mm
  • Depth 378 mm
  • Height 753 mm
  • Net Weight 35 kg
  • Exhaust hose length 1.7 m
  • Maximum recommended room size of 30 m²
  • Maximum recommended conservatory size of 15 m²
  • 9000 BTU (2.8kW) capacity
  • EER of 2.6
  • Noise level of 45 dB(A)
  • Airflow of 370 m³/h

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