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Compact Size

Only 210 mm (15-71 models) in height and 500mm (15-71 v shape evaporator models) or 635mm (MDV-D71T2/N1-CA5) in depth, these models can be installed in rooms with as little as 230mm height between the drop ceiling slab, and rooms required less depth.

Convenient Installation

The EXV is fixed inside the indoor unit, which makes the main body without an extra throttle kit box. Standard filter with aluminium frame, which is removable downward from the bottom. Suction chamber is included as standard equipment. Flange for air in/outlet duct connection is standard.

High Efficiency and Low Sound Operation

Due to the DC brushless fan motor, the unit operates in high efficiency and low sound level.

Flexible Installation

Left and right hand piping connections are optional, flexible installation.

Standard Return Air Plenum and Filter

Standard return air plenum and filter guarantees clean air supply and stable air flow rate.

Fresh Air Intake

Fresh air can enter through the duct unit so you can enjoy even fresher air in the room.


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Product Description

  • Depth 570 mm
  • Width 870 mm
  • Height 1380 mm
  • Net Weight 42 kg
  • Approximate cooling area of 60 m²
  • Air volume 7000 m³ /hr
  • Power 320 (W)
  • Input electricity 220/50 (W/Hz)
  • Current (A) 2.0
  • Water tank capacity of 93 litres
  • Water continuous usage 10- 17 Ltrs/hr
  • Noise 62 dB
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Direct water connection



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