• Floor-standing - F4


Easy Installation

Floor standing types can be hung on the wall or installed on the floor. The floor type unit can make cleaning and maintenance much easier. Running piping from the rear allows the unit to be hung on walls. Cleaning under the unit, where dust tends to accumulate, is considerably easier.

Optional Panel Styles

Concealed type’s body is concealed in the skirting board to improve aesthetics. The body is just 212mm deep, and can be installed at the room’s perimeter. Special installation methods eliminate noise in the room area. Both air intake from front and air intake from below are optional for exposed floor standing type.

Easy Maintenance

Filter is provided as a standard accessory. It can be removed and cleaned easily thanks to Midea’s sophisticated design and the product’s removable blades. The streamlined appearance harmonises the unit with any given room’s interior décor. All metal parts are made of commercial grade galvanised steel for maximum protection against corrosion.





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Product Description

Width 1500mm

Depth 225 mm

Height 596 mm

Net Weight 41/46.5 kg

  • Capacity, cooling 5.6 kW, heating 6.3kW
  • Power input, cooling 88W, heating 88W
  • Airflow rate(H/M/L): 1150/970/830 m3/h
  • Sound pressure level(H/M/L): 41/35/31 dB(A)
  • Sound power level(H/M/L): 52/47/44 dB(A)

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